Our Programs | 我们的项目

We use the following standard | 我们的课程体系使用以下标准,

  • Cambridge Standards  剑桥课程标准
  • Singapore Standard 新加坡数学标准
  • Chinese HSK  汉语HSK
  • Thai Standard 泰国标准

Our newest program is that of C.E.S.P (Chinese English Special Program) This course is designed to be Trilingual. We will focus on teaching lessons in English, Chinese and Thai.

2021 年,正式开设清迈华威学校国际部,采用英国剑桥课程体系,让孩子在英语语言环境下,用母语辅助构建知识体系,沉浸式地学习多种语言,在保持中国孩子中文优势的同时,英语作为第二语言达到学术语言的水准,在小学毕业的时候通过剑桥英语PET高段考试、相当于雅思5.0-6.0. 优秀孩子可以通过FCE考试。

Our Focus | 我们的重点

We are focused on developing students into more than just intelligent individuals, but to be students with respect, determination and discipline and have the tools to expand their capabilities into the future


Why Choose Us? | 为什么选择我们 ?

The students who complete their education with us are some of the most respectful and honest individuals. Our students are humble, honest and most importantly, happy.


We also have disconvered the problems for many students in their education and we have the solutions to better them and give them a unique and well-tailored learning experience


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