on June 18, 2022, Wachirawit Chiang Mai School It has been commissioned as the venue for Cambridge Assessments English. This is an English language test for students from private schools in Chiang Mai who are interested. Including students of the CESP Department, Wachirawit Chiang Mai School 7 people participated in the exam,

1. Master Jiacheng Ma

2. Miss Ziyun Zhao

3. Master Krishna Augustus Williams

4. Master Tomas Arm Strong

5. Master Yuchen Lu

6. Master Xingyun Zhao

7. Miss Zixuan Li

The results of the examinations of CESP students have passed the criteria according to the different levels of the examination. As well as found that some have the potential and language proficiency equivalent to IELTS overall band 6.5-7.5 (C1). Administrators, Academic committees, and teachers have organized activities to award certificates and scholarships to students for appreciation, and congratulations for the student’s efforts and achievements in Cambridge Assessments English.

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